To ensure that every property owner in Ottawa can not only afford to protect their foundation, but also to have access to Ottawa’s best parging group.

We value each of our clients and we will do everything to satisfy you!

To become the undisputed leader of all parging companies in Ottawa.


In hopes of a more prosperous future, Cosimo Repaci immigrated to Canada from Italy approximately 50 years ago. While he had little more than the shirt on his back to start, his strong work ethic earned him an apprenticeship with one of Ottawa’s best parging companies.

After mastering the trade and perfecting his craft, Cosimo founded Tirenio Cement & Stucco LTD, whose name is inspired by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in 1970’s.

As a direct result of his solid people skills and outstanding skills, Cosimo quickly became Ottawa’s go-to man for parging and stucco services. Not surprisingly, he secured contracts with most of Ottawa’s leading builders — Caivan Communities, Cardel Homes, Claridge Homes, Mattamy Homes, Omega Homes, Phoenix Homes, Richcraft, Urbandale — and proudly served tens of thousands of satisfied customers before he retired and passed down his business to his eldest son Vincenzo Repaci.

Since taking over his father’s business, Vince has continued to build on his father’s legacy and cement Tirenio Parging LTD as the undisputed parging leader in the Ottawa region. In addition to securing new partnerships, he has significantly increased the efficiency of operations. Under Vincenzo’s leadership, his 7 member crew do over 5000 new homes per season.


Vincenzo Repaci

Owner and Director of Operations of Tirenio Parging

Francesco Repaci

Supervisor and Skilled Labourer of Tirenio Parging

Matthew Daigle

Manager of Tirenio Parging


Welcome to Tirenio Parging, your trusted construction partner in Ottawa and Gatineau. With over 45 years of experience, we are dedicated to transforming properties with exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched expertise in concrete, cork spray, parging, masonry, and stucco work.

With a rich history spanning generations, Tirenio Parging was founded by Cosimo Repaci, who established the company as Ottawa’s premier expert in parging and stucco services. Today, under the leadership of Vincenzo Repaci, we continue to honor the legacy of quality craftsmanship while expanding our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our mission is simple: to bring your vision to life while ensuring the structural integrity, functionality, and timeless beauty of your property. We serve a wide range of clients, including homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, property management groups, renovation companies, and foundation companies.


✓ Craftsmanship that Inspires: Our skilled team takes pride in creating captivating finishes that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property. From intricate parging designs to flawless stucco applications, we leave no detail overlooked.

✓ Uncompromising Quality: We believe in delivering nothing short of excellence. By using top-quality materials and implementing industry-leading techniques, we ensure durable and visually stunning results that will stand the test of time.

✓ Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs: We understand that every project is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific requirements. Our personalized approach allows us to provide tailored solutions that align with your goals and budget.

✓ Seamless Project Management: Our dedicated project managers streamline the construction process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. We keep you informed every step of the way and promptly address any concerns that may arise.

✓ Innovation at the Forefront: As industry pioneers, we embrace innovation and leverage cutting-edge techniques and materials. From eco-friendly cork spray solutions to advanced concrete technologies, we bring you the latest advancements for superior results.

✓ Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with homeowners, real estate agents, and other industry professionals, we create a seamless and efficient construction journey that exceeds your expectations.

Active Community Engagement: We are proud to give back to the Ottawa and Gatineau communities that have supported us throughout the years. Through charitable initiatives and environmental responsibility, we strive to make a positive impact on the places we call home.

At Tirenio Parging, we blend the rich history of craftsmanship with forward-thinking innovation to create beautiful and enduring transformations for your property. With our expanded services and eco-friendly options, you can trust that your project is in capable hands. From concept to completion, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional results that stand the test of time.

Experience the Tirenio Parging difference. Let us turn your property into a masterpiece that showcases exceptional craftsmanship and enduring beauty. Contact us today for a

consultation and discover how our expertise can bring your vision to life.


At Tirenio Parging, our success is driven by a team of dedicated professionals who bring expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence to every project. Allow us to introduce our key employees:


Vincenzo Repaci, President and Owner of Tirenio Parging, brings over 30 years of industry experience. Trained by highly skilled professionals with over 50 years of collective expertise, Vincenzo has honed his craft to become a trusted leader in the construction and home renovation field.

With a deep passion for construction and unwavering commitment to excellence, Vincenzo oversees all aspects of projects at Tirenio Parging. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that every project meets the highest standards of quality.

As the owner and president, Vincenzo’s strategic vision and business acumen have been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. Drawing upon his extensive hands-on experience in building homes and performing renovations, he excels at effectively communicating with clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering tailored solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

In addition to his impressive industry background, Vincenzo has acquired the exclusive rights to offer Vipeq Canada’s Thermal Cork Spray services in Ottawa. This innovative solution provides exceptional insulation and protection for residential and commercial properties, enhancing energy efficiency and durability. By embracing cutting-edge technologies like Thermal Cork Spray, Vincenzo demonstrates his commitment to staying at the forefront of the construction industry.

Under Vincenzo’s leadership, Tirenio Parging has earned a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering customer satisfaction. With a focus on fostering strong relationships through clear and open communication, Vincenzo ensures that every client’s needs are met with the utmost professionalism.


Matthew Daigle is a highly accomplished Construction Manager at Tirenio Parging, playing a pivotal role in the company’s success. With an unwavering focus on optimizing productivity and ensuring top-notch quality, Matthew’s contributions are instrumental in driving the company forward.

As an exceptional manager, Matthew excels in all aspects of employee lifecycle management. From the meticulous process of recruiting and training high-performing teams to supervising their work, he sets the standard for excellence within the organization.

Matthew’s expertise in inventory management is second to none, allowing him to streamline operations and deliver accurate client quotes with precision. His diligent efforts have significantly contributed to Tirenio Parging’s growth and profitability.

Notably, Matthew has been at the forefront of Tirenio Parging’s digital transformation. Through his visionary leadership, he spearheaded the successful launch of a professional website and established a dynamic social media presence. By leveraging these digital platforms, Matthew has effectively expanded the company’s reach and enhanced its brand visibility, resulting in increased customer engagement and new business opportunities.

Matthew’s exceptional problem-solving skills and effective communication enable him to build strong rapport with both clients and team members. As a Client Management Specialist, he consistently delivers exceptional customer service, ensuring client satisfaction and securing valuable projects for the company.

Furthermore, Matthew’s hands-on experience as a Cement Finisher adds immense value to Tirenio Parging’s construction projects. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to structural integrity and safety are instrumental in delivering outstanding results consistently.

Overall, Matthew Daigle’s contributions as a Construction Manager are paramount to Tirenio Parging’s success. His strategic vision, expertise in employee management, digital proficiency, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service make him an invaluable asset to the company.


Francesco Repaci plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and success of Tirenio Parging. As a dedicated member of the team and the brother of Vincenzo Repaci, Francesco’s contributions are essential to the efficient functioning of the business.

In his role as a Supervisor and Repairman, Francesco handles crucial logistical tasks, including the procurement of necessary supplies and materials. His meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills enable him to effectively manage inventory, ensuring that the team has the resources they need to complete projects on time and within budget.

Francesco’s expertise extends to performing repairs, a critical aspect of maintaining operational efficiency. With his hands-on experience, he promptly and efficiently addresses any issues that arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless project progress.

Beyond his logistical and repair responsibilities, Francesco is a reliable and dedicated team member, always ready to lend a helping hand wherever needed. Whether it involves on-site tasks or supporting the team in various capacities, Francesco’s versatility and strong work ethic significantly contribute to the company’s overall productivity.

Collaborating closely with Vincenzo, Francesco helps foster a positive work environment that emphasizes teamwork and client satisfaction. His contributions are instrumental in maintaining Tirenio Parging’s reputation for delivering top-quality construction services while ensuring that customer needs are met.

Francesco Repaci’s unwavering dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile make him an integral part of Tirenio Parging’s success. Through his logistical support and repair expertise, he plays a vital role in keeping the business running smoothly, enabling the team to deliver on their promises and exceed client expectations.