Professional Concrete, Parging, and Stucco Services in Gloucester:

Tirenio Parging has been proudly offering our professional concrete, parging, and stucco services to the Gloucester region for over 45 years. We were founded on the principles of excellence, quality, and trust. With our high-quality, efficient, and affordable services, we offer our clients the best value for their hard-earned money and a name they can trust.

We specialize in:

(1) Foundations: brick, concrete, EFIS, and stone.

(2) Concrete Surfaces: basement entrances, concrete curbs, flag poles, garages, retaining walls, patios, pools, porches, verandas, slabs, stairs, walkways, walls.

(3) Installations: Styrofoam systems, Galvanized systems, Fibermesh with base coat systems.”

Are you looking to get a professional concrete, parging, or stucco job done in the Gloucester region? If so, then please contact us at +1 (613)-878-0269 or

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